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I need some HELP here please, there something wrong with the saving data TT~TT

Almost beat the fourth boss but................. the saving data is all gone and I at starting point from the very beginning again!!! TTnTT 

Thanks for making this accessible (English)! I often recommend it to others. Have not finished it, but it has been quite a fun experience thus far. :)

Why is there no other games like this?
Cause it's unique :)

pretty good game concept like Reviel character, double sword fascinating?  Sometimes I wonder why there  no more games like this?

"originally created using RPG Maker XP "

Is this was made in VX Ace, I would of wanted to help port it to MV.

Was this made in VX Ace?

Just looking at this game makes me love it already! I'm looking forward to playing ^_^